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From Manila with Love

All we want this holiday season is to be with our loved ones who work miles away. Alexine Parreno reads to us a Balikbayan...

A Cake Reaching To The Sky

A touching story about the reality of loss and the endurance of love. Norico Chua brings a touching masterpiece to Peek-A-Book with our special...

Monkey and the Turtle

Join a young boy’s journey as he bakes and climbs a ladder of sweets to reach his beloved grandmother in the sky. Watch this...

A Lolong Time Ago Part 2

What happened next? Watch to find out!

Opposite Day

Jomike Tejido brings another wonderful story full of wit and charm that tells about a little girl named Sophia.


Halina't tuklasin natin ang isang kamanghamanghang bakuran  habang ikinukwento ni Jomike Tejido ang Tagutaguan. Bilangin ang mga makukulay at kakaibang insekto sa kanyang paligid mula...